Mirdangam,the primary percussion instrument of South Indian Carnatic Music & Dance is made of Jackwood.The two sided instrument produces the bass on the left side and treble on the right. The 24" Mirdangam is usually used to accompany a Male voice in a concert.The 24" Mirdangam is tuned between 1 - 3 pitch. The Left side playing surface is made of goat skin and a few layers of buffalo skin.The right side is more complex and a combination of goat,cow & buffalo skin is used .Both sides are held together by tight leather lacing. All Mirdangam are made with kuchi inside the heads.thin strips of head are inserted radially under the top layer of skin. This acts as a snare and gives the distinctive Mridangam vibration. The instrument is accompanied with a Foam padded bag & a centrepiece wrapped around the centre of the instrument.

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